Natural alternative for relieving aches & pains

Sheer pleasure, in three convenient options!

asweda shoulder pack

Shoulder Pack

Perfect for use on the shoulders and upper back. Whether you have a stiff neck / shoulder(s), are tired after a long day or just want to feel pampered - Asweda is your perfect relaxation recipe. Heat one up today, your shoulders, neck & upper back will thank you for it!

asweda shoulder pack

Back Pack

Contoured to provide excellent coverage and fit, the Asweda Back Pack is perfect for the back & torso and can also be used to comfort other areas such as around the thighs. Give your sore back the perfect reason to smile - grab an Asweda Back Pack today!

asweda shoulder pack

Flexi / Travel Pack

Designed for maximum impact while ensuring tremendous ease in carrying it around with you when you travel. Can be used just about anywhere on the body. Good to have one handy on those stressful business trips!

Designed for Maximum comfort!

Asweda wheat bags contain specially sourced, non-chemically treated, whole grain, ‘A’ grade wheat (Triticum aestivum), for consistent quality and finish.

Whether they are used hot or cold, the natural movement of the grains settles against the contours of the body making them pliable and comfortable to use

Resilient & Durable!

Asweda wheat bags can be used over and over again. They are made with premium high impact cotton and filled with superlative quality wheat grain ensuring resilience and durability. They have excellent temperature retention and can easily withstand repeated freezing or heating in a microwave.

So many Colors to choose from!

Made with 100% cotton fabrics, Asweda wheat bags are available in an array of colors and print designs to choose from. Select the ones that grab your fancy.

asweda wheat bags
asweda wheat bags
asweda wheat bags
asweda wheat bags

A gift of comfort, a gift of relaxation, a gift of tranquility, a gift of pure joy!

Asweda wheat bags – the perfect gift for you and your loved ones!