Natural alternative for relieving aches & pains


A friend in need, indeed

“Asweda wheat bags are easy and convenient to use and provide almost instant relief... Now, help is always at hand!”


Easy and effortless

“Asweda is so easy and effortless to use and weaves such wonderful magic. All my aches and pains just fade away. Such a peaceful feeling. Keep up the good work guys, bring more such products to market.”


A big help

“Asweda wheat bags are such a big help for me in dealing with my joint pains. Thank you seems like such small thing to say.”


Love to pamper myself

“Asweda, my coffee brew, soft lilting music and my books make for such perfect ME time on the weekends! Thanks Asweda.”


A worthy revelation

“Asweda wheat bags came as a revelation in my life... I purchased Asweda at an exhibition recently and having been using it often since then. I normally use it to destress after a hectic day’s work and the impact is sheer joy! Moreover, my kids find me less irritable and I am able to spend quality time with my family. All the stress of the day seems to just melt away... A big heartfelt thank you to Asweda..”


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