Natural alternative for relieving aches & pains

What’s your Asweda perk?

Relieve muscle tension

Relieve aches & pains

Calm cramps & sprains

Relaxation & comfort

Rejuvenate your body & spirit. Grab Asweda wheat bags today!

Asweda wheat bags are a safe and effective option for pain relief, warmth and comfort or for a relaxing cool down.

Asweda wheat bags are cotton sleeve bags made with high impact premium cotton and filled with non-chemically treated, whole grain, ‘A’ grade wheat (Triticum aestivum), which is specially sourced for consistent quality and finish.

Our wheat bags have excellent temperature retention, are durable and can withstand repeated freezing or heating in a microwave.

asweda wheat bags

Asweda wheat bags – Own them, gift them, you’ll love yourself for it!